12 May by admin


A quick review of Online searches shows that keywords associated with local courier or delivery services are a popular topic.  This indicates there is a substantial need for reliable courier and delivery services to local markets.  Nandar Delivery Group offers a wide range of services to its customers in Arizona and California, who benefit from rapid and competent deliveries.


Nandar is committed to helping businesses with products to deliver to stores, distribution centers and customers.  We offer logistics services and one of the best tracking systems available.  Our online capabilities are very user-friendly and allow us to reach out to more and more clients on a continuous basis.  Thereby, stretching our markets and the markets of our own customers, which helps their businesses flourish.

Most transactions today have requirements, specific guidelines and deadlines.  Nandar Delivery Group will help you and your business meet those requirements and deadlines.  We offer a variety of services that cater to your needs through all types of services. We also can provide medical and legal deliveries, which are handled with the greatest care by professionally trained and insured drivers and vehicles.

Our top-notch scheduling system is a simple process that can plan and track whatever you need delivered from envelopes to pallets, to odd-sized items to large, heavy boxes.  Whenever and wherever in our service areas, we are effective and flexible with easy solutions to make a successful, quick delivery or your freight.  We are not just for large companies and orders either; we will balance budget and resources to be cost-effective for small businesses, as well.

In addition to our technology and equipment, we have one of the best customer service centers in the industry.  With helpful, cheerful and knowledgeable staff we will make your experience with Nandar Delivery Group one that is pleasant and effective.  You can trust Nandar for all your delivery and courier needs.  Give us a call today for that freight delivery tomorrow, or your regular-scheduled delivery that is ongoing.  Personal delivery items or business, Nandar is here for you.