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Using a company like Nandar Delivery Group offers great advantages to you and your company.  After providing top-notch service and customer relations to local individuals and businesses, we’ve selected the top ten reasons you can benefit from using Nandar.

1)    We can save you money, for either an individual delivery or business, compared to express or overnight shipping, especially if the freight is bulky or heavy.

2)    We can pick up and deliver your freight the same day, even for last-minute deliveries.

3)    We can customize our delivery services at very reasonable rates.

4)    We can pick up and deliver 24/7, including evenings, weekends, holidays, and at other times most franchised companies do not deliver.

5)    We give you assurance by providing insurance, background checks and standards of excellence for our drivers.

6)    We eliminate the need for businesses to maintain in-house fleets.  We are a smart alternative for temporary or full-time delivery needs.

7)    We specialize our services and give companies and individuals access to online tracking of their freight.

8)    We can save customers money by combining orders that travel on the same routes.

9)    We know it’s important for retail products and movie set items to be delivered the same-day and we are ready and able to deliver.

10) We provide a professional delivery service to Arizona and California with reasonable cost and excellent customer service.

nandardelNandar offers unique freight delivery solutions including door-to-door service, pickup of personal items like medications and perishables, vehicle parts or larger tools and equipment to manufacturing plants, whatever the need is.  In addition, we handle repeat shipments on a regular delivery schedule and we are reliable.

Your company is fast-paced and concentrating on your business.  Let Nandar help you stay focused by becoming your delivery resource.  This helps you manage and sell your products or manufacture your items, instead of having to worry about managing deliveries.

For competitive free quotes for quality delivery services go to www.Nandardelivery.com.  We connect individuals, businesses, organizations and provide the courier and delivery expertise needed to keep progress moving forward for your company.