It's like having your own personal delivery driver in the palm of your hands!

Free Up Your Errands with NANDAR RUSH Delivery App

Nandar Rush Delivery App

A better way to handle your errands or deliveries:

Grocery Store Pickup

Does your neighborhood grocery store offer curb side pickup? Schedule the Nandar Rush App to pickup in your 1 hour window and have the groceries delivered to your doorstep.

Dry Cleaners

Quickly get your laundry to and from the dry cleaners and be ready for that special occassion.

Flower Delivery

Save on flower delivery cost by booking directly with Nandar Rush App and surprise that special someone all while saving time and money.

Retail Stores

Think outside the box for any of your delivery or pickup needs. At Nandar Rush as long as the item weighs 75lbs or less, we are your own courier in the palm of your hands.

Professional On-Demand Delivery.

 Do you want to experience a new way of booking a courier On-Demand service?

GPS Tracking Nandar Rush

GPS Tracking with notification updates.

Know where your delivery driver is at all time with real-time tracking and push notifcations . 

The App is ready. Are you??

Nandar Rush Courier App